Finally the best season, aka autumn, is now upon us. Lately the weather has gone from feeling like summer one day to fall the next. So excited that coat and sweater season has arrived and it’s time to practice my layering game, before the winter starts. Fall is by far my favorite season! Yes, i can admit that i am a bit basic and when the season changes to the fall, i am one of the happiest girls around. I get so excited for the leaves, the fashion, ( jeans, sweaters, and boots. ) and you get to switch over to hot coffee again.

Here are 10 things that i most love about fall.

  1. Crisp fall air.
  2. Cozy cardigans.
  3. Hot drinks in general.
  4. The scenery.
  5. Fall fashion.
  6.  Cuddling.
  7. Colorful leaves.
  8. Thanksgiving.
  9. Wearing uggs.
  10. Not to mention, fireplace weather, too.

Fall is the real season to be jolly.

img_8915 img_8917 img_8905 img_8909img_8889img_8887

This suede jacket I’m wearing was one of my favorite buys this year. The color and fit is so good and matches just about everything so you can pair it with high-rise skinny jeans with over-the-knee boots with v-neck tee or with ruffle neck lace tank  that i’m wearing for street style or errands as with a pretty sweater dress or shirt dress for date. Feel confident and beautiful in a look that matches the season. Thanks for stopping by, xoxo.


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