Boccone Dolce – Italian dessert

Hello guys!!

You know I get more questions DM in Instagram, emails how to get successful for that perfect meringue than anything else.  So I have few secrets to share with you my lovelies. Its a very sophisticated Italian dessert that you will fall in love with no time, just look at this deliciousness!

So first of all I’m going to separate egg whites, I got 10 egg whites the secret is to whisk on fully speed, if you are using a mixture of like this, the main thing is you gotta get as much air into egg white. So in the bowl of an electric mixer, we are going to whip together 10 egg whites about 4 minutes

When the egg white  start to look like cloud that’s when you wanna add slowly 3 cup of fine sugar while mixture is on full speed until meringue is stiff, about 7 minutes

Mix it until you have a really smooth mixture that is double in size and you’ll be left with something that kind of look like shaving foam, I mean that is pretty much like shaving foam, it should be thick and glossy just like this

So once it is take it off the mixture top of that excess to make sure you get it all.The next stage is take mixture and just dollop it straight in that center on your baking sheet, look just like that  just using on offset spatula,  just spread that across your baking sheet basically all you’re looking for a nice disc that’s going to be the perfect platform bring up three creams and lots of fruits

Meringue going into the oven they’re going to bake-off  at  220° for 6 hours until they are crispy, I know this is the thing with Boccone Dolce, meringue does takes a bit of time to bake I usually do it overnight.

So my beautiful meringue bases have come early the oven they cooled off and they’re really ridiculously crisp. I dripped chocolate on top of meringue as you see, I use dark chocolate flavored melting wafers. I’m going to set these aside and time to talk about that filling

So for this filling you need a lot of cream.  I add 4 cups of heavy whipping cream and 1 tablespoon of powder sugar and mix it until it’s nice and kind of peak stages about 3-4 minutes

Should look like this

Now that we have our cream good to go it’s time to assemble this Boccone Dolce cake and this is where you do have to be a little bit careful, take your meringue and then just carefully transfer it into a light cake stand just like that

I’m going to put a good generous amount of whipping cream. Transfer into pastry bag tipped the closed star tip, and then I’m just adding some nice strawberries, bananas, blueberries, raspberries, really  you can add any of your favorite fruits on top

And now this is good to go with our second layer of Boccone Dolce. Grab this second meringue and just please carefully on top and repeat with cream and fruites

it’s starting to come together and look fantastic and then I’m going to decorate with these uncut fruits on top.


Beautifully done, how good does this delicious Boccone Dolce look!? Oh my goodness look so good. It’s quiet good dessert for your family dinner, gathering friends, brunches etc.. 

Make sure to leave me a comment and telling me how much you love Boccone Dolce and of course please tag me on Instagram stories/posts share your creativity. Happy baking my friend!



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  1. Ruslana says:

    Thank you for sharing a recipe for this cake 🍰 I always wanted to try making it and yesterday, inspired by your post, I finally did!!! It took 6 hours for baking meringues and they turned out great 👍🏻 thanks for giving heads up about how long it takes! I absolutely love how it looks and I’m sure it tastes just as good (can’t wait to try it after work)!!!


  2. Innessa says:

    You’re so welcome dear. I’m so happy that it turned out. Thanks for using my recipe.


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