Great Ways to Bond with Your Child

Great Ways to Bond with Your Child

“Doesn’t that take a lot of energy?” Parenting is a big job; serving as a child’s behavior umpire isn’t enough. We need a relationship where we can tell Johnny it’s wrong to hit your sister but then find out why he struck her. We need a relationship with enough emotional strength to share hopes, dreams and convictions and be heard when we do so. We need a relationship that makes it easy for them to come to us with questions and concerns. We need a relationship where there’s not just respect, but also love. 

Here are some tips.

  • Pray, pray, pray.

  • Prioritize time with your child.

  • Start with trust, the foundation of every good relationship.

  • Encourage, Encourage, Encourage.

  • Remember that respect must be mutual.

  • Think of relationships as the slow accretion of daily interactions.

  • Don’t take it personally.

  • Communication habits start early.

  • Don’t let little rifts build up.

    If something’s wrong between you, find a way to bring it up and work it through positively.

  • Read a good book together.

  • Teach them something fun.

  • Take a long walk together.

This kind of parent-child bond doesn’t just happen; it takes wisdom and intentional effort. I hope these tips will encourage you in one of the greatest pursuits of your lifetime — building a relationship with your child.


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